Divine Laws ensuring the harmony among all creations

So this realisation will help us to experience the divine self and we will be able to get answers to all our prayers?

This realisation is the first step. Once you attain this realisation by shifting from darkness to light, there are divine laws of this universe which has to be adhered to for experiencing and sustaining this realisation throughout your lives and leading to divine harmony among all beings in this universe. It’s only when you attain this divine harmony that you will be able to work with that divine energy which is energy of oneness to create your life that you desire.

Okay so what to do on this?

The divine is love; it’s energy of love and so there’s no place for hate. In the first step, you have attained peace with yourself; now it’s your turn to attain peace with the Divine and all beings of the universe. You need to forgive all those situations and persons who have hurt you in any way because of the lack of light in them and ask forgiveness from all those situations and people that were hurt because of your lack of light.

This message of peace should exist not only between humans but also between all other beings in this world.

Okay, so then how will I attain peace with the Divine power?

For that you need to keep certain divine laws which are the very essence of ensuring divine harmony among humans and all other beings in this universe and the Divine energy of creation and love.

So what are those divine laws?

Do not hurt or cause agony to the spirit or body of any beings created by divine love and wisdom by your thoughts or your deeds for you will deviate from the divine energy of oneness by doing so. Let not anyone cause permanent destruction to the existence of any being or form which cannot come back to life nor have the life energy instilled back into, to continue creating the divine purpose with which it was created.

Do not ask for or obtain the share of anything they have in this world for everyone has their share in this universe and this universe is one of abundance. The Divine love has created everything with abundance and its abundant itself to meet all that you want; it’s only that you get only what you ask for. If you feel someone or something is more than the share you hold, it’s because you got in return only to the extend you applied your energy. If your energy was more focused on lack, you received lack and if your energy was more focused on abundance, you are abundant today. By asking or obtaining the share which others hold is like upholding the lack in you and this leads to not only diversion from the divine law of justice but also brings back lack into your life.

The Divine energy is energy of truth and there’s no place for lies there. One should not in any way exhibit energy of falsehood or lie which is one of the most negative forms of energy which brings back destruction to its origin. You cannot find any falsehood or lie in divine creation. Everything is truth and all beings need to uphold truth in them in relation to others as well as to them not only in actions but also in words so that there are no tears or holes created in the harmony of their energy and the divine energy of love and truth.

Do not share your bodies with any being that is not united to you by the divine energy for the

purpose of procreation. You should share your energy physically only with the one that is part of you which the divine love helped you both to join wherein you both became not two but one body. By not doing so you will scatter your energies and this being against the divine law will result in the formation of negative energy which is received and given, to and from the one with whom you commit this mistake. This negative energy created is so harmful that it can lead human to disharmony, physical and mental unrest, wiping out of divine wisdom from them and total destructions. This energy created is one of the most destructive energies to those who are involved in the act.

Okay now I have one doubt.

You told “not to hurt or cause agony to the spirit or body of any beings created by divine love and wisdom by your thoughts or your deeds and let not anyone cause permanent destruction to the existence of any being or form which cannot come back to life or have the life energy instilled back into, to continue creating the divine purpose with which it was created.”

o here all beings means animals, plants, fish etc. also apart from humans right?


So it means that we should not harm any animals, beings that live in water or plant life.


So then what shall we eat to sustain our life in this world?

When you kill an animal or fish, it leads to its death and the food that is sourced from it is instilled with the energy of death. The energy of death cannot find harmony with the energy of life in you and in turn causes havoc in your life energy and your body that is surrounded by that life energy. Plant life is created by the divine source itself to provide nutrition to humans and unless you completely destroy its life, you are not instilling the energy of death into your life energy. When you consume the fruits of any plants, it doesn’t lead to its destruction but it continues to live. It is divine wisdom and design.

But as per the “Holy Bible” Jesus didn’t seem to be against eating fish.

Jesus came to this world with a higher divine purpose of its own and he didn’t want to get into this. Every being created by the Divine source has its own territory and no being has the right to get into the territory of others until it gets into yours. If you look around and observe the different beings created by the Divine source, you will understand that there’s a message that every beings exhibit and that’s the divine purpose with which it is created. For example, ants exhibit the message of self-discipline and focus.


So the Divine laws are simply the adherence to the law of Divine love for all the created beings and ultimately love for the Divine source. Once you start living by abiding to the divine law, you will find oneness and harmony with the Divine energy which is the source of all energy from which everything and everyone were created in the universe. This will lead to be at peace with not only yourself but also with your fellow beings as well as the Divine source of love and abundance.

Now say if there are some cockroaches in my house which is irritating me, then I don’t have any right to kill it? I’ve to live with that mess? He he….

No being created is a mess when you are in light. It’s the darkness in you that considers it as mess. As I told you every being has a message for you and to everyone and everything around. All other beings are able to understand and relate to those messages except humans.

Once you are one with the Divine source, you will be able to understand the messages that each beings tries to exhibit by displaying itself in

front of your eyes. Once you are able to understand those messages which will be very much related to the present situation in which

you are living, you can ask them to go from your sight and it will go, as you are a part of light and has become one with the source, the same source from which all beings come and harmony is the key element of this source.

You mean to say I have to speak to these cockroaches and if I tell them, they will leave?

Once they have passed on the message to you which is for you and because of which they are in your sight. Yes they will leave, you can try for yourself.

Peace & love,



Why Speaking To Angels Doesn’t Work For You?

I’ve been receiving many emails and comments about being able to speak to their Guardian Angels and the different kinds of experiences they had. At the same time, I’ve also received comments about not being able to experience anything; or in short it didn’t work for them. So why doesn’t it work for some of our friends? Okay here are some major reasons for that:

  1. If you approach anything doubt, the probability is that it never works. Even when we pray to God, normally prayers won’t work in we have doubt in mind. So ask your angels help with complete faith in them and their ability to guide, support and enlighten us.
  2. Nothing works out if we have and egoistic approach. In fact if we have an ego towards anything negativity will follow and Angels carry positive vibrations and they will never be around in case of any negativity.
  3. You shouldn’t be scared. It’s quite natural that sometimes you tend to be scared when you are calling upon your Angels as they are from a different realm and world. But the problem is that if you are scared it won’t work for you as they don’t like to make you more uncomfortable. So if you are scared you can tell that also openly to your Angels. You can tell them that you are scared and so please help to get rid of being scared and speak to you.
  4. Be serious about it. If you think that you just want to have some fun and do a time pass it will not work for you. Approach it with sincerity of actually wanting to speak to them and thereby seeking their help.
  5. Don’t compare signs that you receive with others. Everyone will receive different signs. So just relax.
  6. Finally the most important thing is that when you ask your Angels for help you should be giving them the freedom to interfere in your life. Angels respect free will and they never interfere in a person’s free will. So you give them the freedom and they will help you by being near you. Please do it with a relaxed mind.

May God Bless You All. Sanoj Jose Jose.a.sanoj@gmail.com

Be at peace with yourself and love yourself

Peace be with you. Be at peace with yourself and learn to love and respect yourself for when you lack self-love and respect, you disrespect the God presence within you because Humans were made in his image, likeness and in the oneness of his spirit. It’s only when you love and respect yourself , you can love and respect your creator – the almighty God and in turn you can love and respect other human beings and all other beings that were created with his wisdom, knowledge and divine purpose. And the divine law in its entirety is the fulfillment of these forms of love.

So what should I do to love myself?

Accept yourself wholeheartedly in its entirety and trust that what you are is the best for you and for others for what you are is divine plan which leads to what you should be and what you should accomplish in this life as this life is just a road that you need to travel to fulfill the divine purpose. Be happy about how you look, how you think, how you feel and about what you have.

But it’s quite natural for humans not doing so.

It can happen only when you appreciate the divine love and skill with which you were created. When you say you love and respect God and don’t appreciate oneself, You
are telling a lie. You are living in darkness and assume that you are in light. Light will not be filled within you by itself. You need to allow it to flow within yourself. Here you may ask that if God presence is within you and if God is light then how darkness can remove light from within as no amount of darkness is good enough to hide light. What you think is right but you are not made up of only your body. You are made up of your body, mind and soul. And when all these three are filled with light that you assume complete light in your life and mind is always manipulative and the body is affected by the light.

You think only about your body during the course of your life even though you may realize that you have a soul but tend to ignore it as something without or outside that doesn’t affect you wherein you forget the divine purpose that the soul took over your body in this life for the soul to ascend and it’s only the communion of body and soul can accomplish this divine purpose. Today if you are not in peace with yourself, actually you need to realize that you are not in peace with what you have created after assuming birth in this world.

So you are not at peace with something outside of you which you have created and not the actual YOU. But when you are not at peace with what you assume for yourself now, you cannot be at peace with the actual YOU because you don’t realize the real YOU in you. When you appreciate what you are now that you assume you are or what you have created for yourself in terms of your appearance, thoughts, feelings and its manifestation around you, you start realizing at some point of time that it’s not the real you that you see and start looking for the real you. That realisation will lead to the God presence within you and the divine knowledge and realisation becomes real.

When you are lead to this realisation and start accepting and loving the real You, you are in turn loving God as You are God presence and you come from or is made from the same source – The God source and it is the source from which the entire universe and all the beings in it assumes form. When you start loving God, you will start loving people around you and all the beings which were created. Because you will be able to identify and feel the God presence in everyone around you and all other beings created within or without as everything and everyone took birth from the same divine source and it is the divine law to be one with the source to establish universal harmony or divine harmony.

I’ve a doubt.

Is God Male or female

God is omnipresent, omnipotent energy that can assume any form. Feminine and masculinity is also forms of energy and they are present in every creation and also the source and it’s the balance of both feminine and masculinity in every being that helps in the establishment of cordial and harmonious communion with the source and all the energies that flow from it.

The question you asked is relevant as it’s this imbalance in feminine and masculine energy within humans that leads to the evil of lust which leads to disrespect for the opposite sex which in turns leads to many unlawfulness the world is facing today.

So what should be done to have this balance within ourselves?

When you attain oneness with the source within, the balance will be established on its own.

Okay, so sex is not within this divine plan?
Sex is divine and is an activity which has to be carried out with respect and love and also with the one whom God has revealed to you to be your co-soul which is again a divine plan. The divine wisdom of the divine energy unites a male and female with a definite purpose that they have to carry out together in this life and man or woman should not scatter this love to anyone else other than the co-soul with whom you are united by the divine purpose.

I’m not trying to question divine wisdom but I feel if the kind of pleasure that humans get from sex was not there, then lust would have never been there right?

You cannot oversee the wisdom of God. If God didn’t combine sex with pleasure, human beings would have completely ignored it as humans are lazy to do things that they don’t find it useful to them and in turn the divine purpose of sex which is Pro creation would have never happened and human life would have been extinct long back.

Being Religious and Being Spiritual is Different…

Spirituality is the key by which you reach the Divine source and its only through the road of spirituality that you will be able to achieve oneness and harmony with the Divine power and finally establish the life purpose in this life and at the same time live in an atmosphere of love, peace, joy, happiness, health, harmony and abundance in all areas.

So spirituality is the main focus. Now, religion is important to bring about this spirituality in human beings. Every religion has been set up for the wellbeing of humanity and insists of adhering to certain religious laws that will help you to lead a good life which is in harmony with God and finally attaining peace and fulfilling the Divine purpose of one’s life on this earth ; the purpose with which everyone were born.

There is scope or the ways to attain harmony with the Divine light in all the religions. The religious laws which are propagated and taught in these religions should be learnt and analyzed to see if they could help you in any way in bringing you closer with the Divine source. So, what I mean to say is that , eventhough, attaining spirituality is the main focus, the focus from religions and its teachings should not be deviated as there could be a lot of essence which could support you in your journey of spiritual awakening and its fulfillment.

The religious books are written out of the Divine wisdom, which was given to different spiritual beings that has lived on this earth from time to time and each of them reflects Divine wisdom and knowledge. They are filled with pointers to the way that leads to good and evil and the steps that one should take in fulfilling Divine purpose which would help humanity in living a life of love, peace and abundance.

Okay, so we should be very religious too.

When I say that the teachings in different religions should be adhered to, we also need to keep in mind that there could be pieces of ego which could sometimes go into these teachings and religious principles. So we also need to use our discretion. We should be able to identify what helps us in our ultimate life purpose and which are the ones that we don’t really need. So chose the ones that help you to become closer with the Divine.

Being religious and being spiritual is different. A spiritual person may not be necessarily be religious and a religious person may not necessarily be spiritual. Being spiritual is the key so being spiritual without being religious is good but being spiritual while being religious is better.

But being religious without being spiritual will not do any good for humanity and is mere hypocrisy. In that case, the religion itself will become the destruction for that person.

After all what good is for the person, who goes to a place of worship every day, gives all offerings in the altar of God and then lives in such a manner that his soul is not important to him? What good will it does to a person after enacting all these drama doesn’t exhibit love, peace and harmony?

What good is to the person who offer prayers in the morning and evening and then goes and harm his or her fellow beings and live a life of deceit, lust, jealousy, greed, pride, ego and all that belong only to this world and are not from the Divine source?

So it’s high time to leave the hypocrisy behind and be truthful to oneself as being a hypocrite does less harm to others but it does a lot of harm to oneself and being truthful does lot of good to others and at the same time it does more good to oneself for oneself is more important in this world as only you can take care of it. Others have to take care of theirs.

And the ultimate aim of every human being should be to establish harmony with the Divine source, attain Oneness with the divine light, exhibit that light in the world in which you live; among your loved ones and everyone who are beside and around you and finally fulfill the Divine life purpose with which you were allowed to come into this universe.

Why I told that being spiritual and religious at the same time is better is because, when you have religion, you always have a community with the same purpose of fulfilling the Divine purpose to travel along with you all your life. It will help in boosting your morality because of the silent support and feeling of harmony which you always but silently enjoy when you move along with a religion.

So you never have the feeling of being alone and the religious practices may also help you to keep you in a state of permanent introspection of oneself and will remind you of the importance of being one with the divine source always.

But here again, you need to keep in mind that the religion should serve these purposes that I told you. If it’s not serving the purpose, then it is of no use to be in a religion. It’s just a waste of time and will only demoralize you and it’s always better to be alone and be just spiritual without being religious. After all you may get likeminded fellow beings in that kind of spiritual journey too who may help you to be in the Light always.

Always watch out for false prophets and their teachings which are aimed at only serving their selfish desires and or the desires of the community they belong to. There are religions serving the dark forces. What they do is continue living in the dark and when the Light comes upon this world when the time arises, they will become too blind to see the Light and be saved.

So watch out.

There are others who say that they don’t believe in a Divine source and everything in this world happens by chance and the universe itself was just a happening of chance or just got created by itself. My only advice to them is that if they don’t believe in any force; neither the light nor the dark, where will they go when they die? Why to be all dressed up and have no place to go? After all, you deserve better than that even after your death right?

So wake up from your sleep and allow the Light to shine upon you so that you have a place to go after your death.

Yes I did speak about atheists.

So let religion and spirituality complement each other, the ultimate purpose being, not the destruction of oneself but its fulfillment of purpose on earth and the Divine oneness and harmony that has to be finally established in this universe.

Peace and love,



Who Are Angels?

Angels are Divine creations who serve God and all other creations. They are heavenly beings which are created by the Divine to spread the fruits of the Divine source which are Love and Peace. Angels are created with the Divine purpose of praising the Lord almighty and helping mankind by guiding them throughout their lives to establish the connection between mankind and the Divine. Every person born into this world will have a guardian Angel till their death.

We seldom acknowledge them and seek their guidance but they never leave us irrespective of our deeds. Their purpose for us is to provide us guidance from God or the ultimate source from which we all were created and protect us day and night till our death. They are superior to human beings in the sense that they don’t have death which we have to face but they are inferior to us in the sense that God created human beings in his image but Angels were not created in that way. There are thousands of them and they all have their names which were given to them by the Divine power.

They are energy beings which can assume any form at will for the fulfillment of the Divine purpose with which they are created. As they are energy forms many times they appear to be white forms or white light forms. They also have their gender; he and she and they becomes guardian Angels irrespective of their gender and yours which means that a man can have her as a guardian Angel and a women can have him as a guardian Angel and vice verse. Angels are not Gods and doesn’t receive prayers but only call for help and guidance which is sourced from the power of Divine itself.

They are heavenly beings appointed to be with the earthly beings to ensure that human beings are helped in finding their Divine purpose and the ways to follow, in order to fulfill that Divine purpose. The guardian Angels not only serves the purpose of guiding and helping human beings but also is assigned with many other jobs by the Creator but they never get tired nor deviated as the sole purpose of their existence is to serve the Lord with joy .

The Divine power has provided them with heavenly powers and authority to fulfill their duties with perfection and they use these powers only for service for the Divine and never considers those powers to be their own as they realize that those powers and authority is bestowed upon them by the Divine with a higher purpose and not for the purpose of their own. Angels are creative beings good at every field of job that human beings carry out for their personal survival which is the result of the Divine wisdom and knowledge from and with which they are created and this wisdom and knowledge is part of them to its fullest extent.

Angels are beings of free will and will never interfere in any way in the lives or activities of any human beings and that’s the main reason we never acknowledge them.

Peace and love,



How to Speak To Your Guardian Angel?

Are marriages made in Heaven?

In a family life, husband and wife should be true to themselves first. Some parents tell their sons that, “Let me see how you will become after marriage, you will become serious”. Some mothers tell their daughters, “Stop being so playful, after marriage you will have to adjust a lot”. So why this adjustment? Once a daughter told her mother that a guy is after her proposing her to get married and I don’t like him because, he says he doesn’t believe in heaven or hell”. The mother said, go ahead and marry him itself. After marriage he will start believing in hell and in turn he will start believing in heaven too. I think marriages are not a calling for adjustments but it’s of sharing. They should be as they are and if true love is there, they will understand each other.  Just after marriage, the husband and wife will travel together to places sometimes in public transport. Initially they will sit together, they say that during wedding the priest told that, “Hereafter you are not two but you are one”. When the wife become pregnant, the husband will sit on the back seat and wife on the front seat. After having couple of kids, the husband will say you leave by the first bus, I’ll take the second one.  The first year, the wife will speak and husband will listen, second year husband will speak and wife will listen and third year both of them will speak and neighbours will listen. So the marriage has lost its sheen and I think it’s mainly because of the wrong presumptions with which they get into marriage.

There are some men who immediately start looking for any traces of cigarettes as soon as they reach home. It’s so awful right? Some women, as soon as the husband reaches home will check all his dress and if she finds a black long hair somewhere then she will ask, with which women you were today, if it’s a white hair she will ask, you won’t even leave old ladies right and if there’s no hair she will say, don’t try to fool me; with which bald lady you were today. So this has to somehow stop right? Doubt is the worst enemy that enters some families. Doubting one’s own spouse is like doubting the water that one drinks. So there should not be any kind of doubt at any stage of your life.

Made for each other is a term which many use only during the initial days of marriage but if it continues life long, it will be always good. A wife that speaks a lot gets a man who opens his mouth only to eat food and drink water. A person who doesn’t like praying gets a wife who is too much religious. See the fact is that if this truth is understood marriages could become a lot easier. A man’s shortcomings are purified by the wive’s positives which help him towards enlightenment and a women’s shortcomings should be purified by the husband’s positives which makes it easier for her to attain enlightenment and in saying so both of them cannot be of the same nature. You should understand and emphathise with each others’ shortfalls.

No one is stronger in married life. Both wife and husband are strong in their own ways. If men think that he’s stronger then it’s wrong. For instance have you noted that women can manage bodily pain much easier and men can’t? If giving birth to a child was a man’s duty, then with the first delivery, the world would have  come to an end.

In a married life husband and wife should never use the words the other person doesn’t like to hear. Speaking words that the other person dislikes to hear and words of provocation can hamper the peace that could prevail in a family. Once the wife was dressing up to go to church and the husband just asked, “Are you going to church dear”? She immediately replied “No I’m going to hell, are you coming with me”? The husband said,” No it’s fine I’m here, anyway you are going to hell, you just convey my regards to your dad when you reach there”. You see one unnecessary answer creates issues.

Some people keep on complaining about one thing or the other. Once the wife prepared a boiled egg along with breakfast and the husband said, “I was expecting fried eggs today”. Second day she made fried eggs and he said “I was expecting boiled eggs today”. The third day she made both boiled egg and fried egg so that he doesn’t have a problem and seeing that the husband said, “ See this is your problem, the egg that was supposed to be fried , you boiled it and the egg that was supposed to be boiled, you fried it. This is a major problem many men and women have, they keep on complaining about certain things and sometimes everything.  I think acceptance is the key word here which can help them lead a peaceful life.

The husband should delight in the presence of the wife and vice versa. It is said that Adam who was very silent first gave a broad smile when he saw Eve. Men are the happiest when they first find the women they love. After that where does the happiness go and why?

Some families are like a cemetery. It’s all silence all over the home. They don’t find any topic to speak about. When he goes out with his friend, he has all the topics in the world to speak and share. The only thing some couples discuss is weather. Today weather is bit fine, the clouds are dark, I think it’s going to rain. If climate changes were not there, many families today would have become permanent cemeteries. Communication is one of the most important aspect that keep the marriage safe and together and it has to grow day by day; not become less.

Some families are hell where there’s no love. It is said in the Bible that, before creating Eve, God made Adam to enter a deep sleep so that he could make Eve by taking one of his ribs. Then God told it seems “Sleep sleep how much ever you want today; today is the last day you can do that because I’m going to create Eve”.  I believe that where there’s Love that itself is Heaven and where there’s no Love that is hell. Similarly, the husband and wife should have freedom in all ways. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, marriage shouldn’t be just adjustments, it should be of freedom. Once a priest came to my house and my son who was 3 years old was running around without a single piece of clothing in his body. So I told him “Son, don’t you see church priest has come? Go wear something and come. He went inside and came back celebrated wearing just his sandals as if he obeyed my words literally. So he can do at his age, but that is freedom.

Sex is not the foundation of family life but it is definitely an important aspect in married life. Some women complain that the husband even after becoming so old doesn’t give her peace at bed. Well, it is said that, as far as a men are concerned his sexual urge will be alive upto five minutes even after his death. You see sometimes, Mondays wife will be fasting, Tuesdays it will be all saints day, Wednesdays there will be some puja day and when will she have some day for the husband? Women should not blame her husband if she’s always engaged and he tries to find someone who’s not engaged with 100 or 200 bucks. Once when I wrote this in another blog page, one gentleman replied that, “Where on earth are you living man? Now you won’t get anyone for 100 or 200, you need to spend atleast 700-1000 bucks”.

Peace and love,