Ever Spoken to Your Guardian Angel? Want to know how?


Hi Beloved Brothers and Sisters. Have you ever spoken to your guardian Angel? Many would say “Yes” but most of you might say “No”. Okay, are you interested in speaking to your guardian Angel?READ MORE 


353 responses to “Ever Spoken to Your Guardian Angel? Want to know how?

  1. I ask myself to connect to the guardian angel within myself that is myself.. Looking outside yourself for something that is not there nothing outside the self is is a thankless task.

  2. Howdy sanoj
    Iam Reni….how can i contact with VASARIAH…..my guardian angel…. pls help me..pls reply via my email.
    thanking you

  3. I have communicated with my guardian angel, in my worst times they’ve known how to speak truth to me to soothe me, but only twice. Other times it’s mostly just an overwhelming inner feeling of joy when theyre near, to the point of almost tears I’m so blissfully happy inside I can’t even really explain it. I think you just need to understand that your angel is with you, always. You only need to learn to ask for them.

    • Hey do you know what it means when your guardian angle is calling you to go with him that means to be up i think if you know please tell me necause im actullay confused be even told i have to day yes or no van you tell me please😯 i want to know

  4. Hi I was wondering if you could help.I would really like to keep my job could you plz ask your angel if they could talk to me mine to help me thank you

  5. Hi sanjo, I was hoping you could speak to your Guardian Angel so that he could speak to mine, because it’s not working for me.
    My name is Tsedey Tadewos Alemu. From Ethiopia.

  6. I connected to mine, and we spoke and everything was going smoothly, but a second later my body was trembling and I was absolutely scared of him. Is this a normal occurrence or am I the only one? He said his name was Ben, and later I google him and his full name is Ben Ani and he seems to control the demons.

  7. i just want to talk with my gardian angel.
    please. please
    how can i communicate my gardian angel?.
    please reply…

  8. Hi one day i was burning a candle and contact upon my guardian angel and made all my requests known to him,i suddenly hear the glass broken,in that dark room,i have no doubts that a guardian angels exist..

  9. Hi! I am 17 years old. Tonight I heard my name after asking for a sign. I heard a females voice so I thought it was my mom I went downstairs to ask my mom why she called me and she said she didn’t. I went back upstairs and my cat started looking around the room rapidly and there was no fly or anything of the sort. Is this my angel? I also want to make daily contact with my angel but don’t know how. Can I ask my angel to move things or make a candle blow out to answer my yes or no questions? I really do need advice. Thank you!
    If you have a lot of advice to give please email me at nikkibrink50@gmail.com

  10. Hey. I feel sort of in touch with my guardian angel/s, and if I’m worried or in a bad situation I’ll ask for their help and it will usually get sorted out or something good will happen.
    I want to contact them, but I’m worried about any dark beings/spirits being able to contact me once I connect… I’m not sure if it’s possible, but I know I’ve previously been able to contact spirits using a different technique..

      • In the past I’ve used 2 different techniques.
        With the first one, I set up candles and sat in the middle of a salt circle with a deck of cards, I shufflelled them and placed a bunch of them individually around me. Then I called out for only good spirits and stated out loud that if they wanted they could answer my questions. A red card meant yes, and a black card meant know, then I proceeded to ask questions, and run my hands over the cards, when I felt my hand go hot over one of the cards I would turn it over, and that was the answer.

      • With my second technique the setup was similar (with the candles and the salt circle) again I stated that only good spirits were welcome. Then I held up a pendant with May left hand, and held my right hand underneath, when the pendant swung back and forth it meant yes and when it went around in circles it meant no. With both of the techniques I believe I was speaking to my grandparents, I understand the possible dangers and risks of engaging myself with spirits, so I no longer use these techniques. Luckily I’ve never had contact with a bad spirit, but I wouldn’t recommend doing either of these just in case

  11. Today, I was meditating and I was willing to find out who my guardian angel is. I counted 20 breaths, and I asked gently “What’s my guardian Angel’s name?” About 20 names went through my head, so I was about to give up. But I could hear a young man’s voice repeating the name “John” then hesitating I replied “it can’t be John, about 20 names have passed through my head!” Then he said “It is I, John, my child, I’m your guardian angel.” Opening my eyes, it hit me. Before I was born, my mother miscarried and lost a child called John Michael. And scrolling through the comments on this minutes later, I see that name! Coincidence? I think not.

  12. Hi my name is john michael
    i was 17 and a filipino catholic
    i prayed to god yhe my girl of my dreams would come but suddenly i lose my hope
    i started to admit i was not gonna afford it
    but i she was only my angel
    suddenly i see her sometimes on my dreams but the thing is the name of my dream girl was penny
    was see the same girl and her same vioce
    i started to hher some lovely sing to me while i am sleeping that never i hear from any songs in public but i most of it i forgot it.
    she was also tell me when i was sleeping that thres nothing i worry abouy shes always with me and next days she say my name and say she choose me for eternity.

    but one day i started to pray asking i wanted to see her agian in my dream
    i waited 3nights or more than i see her agian telling me “this is why im guarding you”
    so than yestetday i started to seatch about the guardian angels than i see a way to contact her but only happen in morning

    Among those loud laugther of my sisters i heard a small claer vioce
    She tell
    “I need you i need to understand that why you call me penny
    I need you to understand i need you more than my heart”
    recently when i was typing felt a something attached to my face while i am typing this
    did she were really hear?

    i could ask you guy?s about those dreams was real cause i was no longer think about lovelife but the love in the afterlife
    i wanted to go depeer to make clear and knowing him.also i thank god
    i was succesfull?

  13. Dear angel,
    my name is kirti please angel help me out of this i dont want to marry with this guy but my family wants i m not happy i want your help angel please i want my dream boy nd my career you are the only one to help me out of this suiation. angel you know that each and every thing. i m feeling very depressed nd lost my confidence. i know that you will comes to my dream and fullfil my wish i don’t wanna hurt anyone but i want to fullfil my two wishes my good job and marry with my dream boy please angel help me and come to my dream i wanna friendship with you i know that you are very closed to me,
    your loving kirti

  14. I had a dream last night that I looked out of a window and saw loads if angels flying around. Then a female angel came to my window, I opened the window and she gave me a silver medal with Jesus on it. What can this mean?

    • It could either mean that you need to get a blessed necklace with the name Jesus as it is a powerful name to protect you always and knowing He is with you always. Or pray about it to ask God to reveal the true meaning of the dream.Believe in Him, who died for us.

  15. Hey my name is Kevin Kirk and I keeap having different dreams with this same girls in it. And we seemed real close to me & in my last dream she told me she was scared for me or of me and then I said why and hugged her. And I remember this old book written in ink with some picture that appeared to be and older me. Anything.

  16. hi my name is eric im now 16 teen and i believe i have had a angel watching over me for my all / of my life and now i don’t believe that the angel watching over me is as well know like Gabriel to us humans but i believe that the angel watching over me is equally
    as important as the others. im also not sure if this means anything but i had a dream about a girl who me and her had a bound as strong as the chains that make us all human. she had red hair long and a style of clothing which was black. me and her kissed and she shed a few tears while dissipating like golden dust to the sky and like her i shed a few tears and then carried on through the dream which lead me to a tombstone of a girl named sharrie.
    if anyone could tell me what the dream ment i would be gratefull and im not saying she was an angel but it sure did feel like she was inportant to me

  17. I have a question how do i spea to my guardian angel and how many can i have and can i choose my guardian angel. Also, do they answer any questions.

  18. Beloved Sanoj, I would really like to call upon my Guardian Angel. Is there any specific way or technique to call upon my Guardian Angel, like sitting or any other way when I’m about to call it?! I would really appreciate your help..& I hope there is nothing to be afraid of..

  19. This works. I am 12 and I have to admit I was scared. I lost faith when I first tried it. I mean I tried it 3 times. Then my mom was listening to rap then all of a sudden a different station came on and beautiful music began to play. This is absolutely amazing.

  20. Beloved sanoj..iam Reni and iam living in kerala at kochi..iam fully trusted and beliving in god as well as my guardian angel iam sure they are with me definitily…i had been fasting since march 16th till easter iam tottaly applyed my mind and actions on jesus as possibile to me… i had been practiced your methods for a month for the connection with my guardian angel…i did practice pslam 51,23 and 91….i tottaly leave my egos such nrgative aspects i plead..begged to god and my angel…but i got nothing…not even a simple sign…why my guardian angel didnt come to me…iam strongly she is her…ys iam strongly beliving tat must be a female name…i plead for her name..but no result yet…why dont she come to me….iam so disappointed…pls help me…

  21. Hey there! After reading this, I began to make contact with my guardian angel. I asked its name several times and I always got the reply: “Rachel”. While I was speaking with Rachel, I felt like I was floating and I had this warm sort of chill coursing down my arms, legs, and back. I don’t know exactly how to explain it. But, I ended up speaking with Rachel for about another 5 minutes. I asked Rachel what I went through in life when I was younger and they answered it correctly. I’m kinda spooked by it, but I know that I shouldn’t be afraid of Rachel. I still feel that chill and I am completely calm and I feel that I am loved by Rachel and that I am at peace with my guardian angel.

  22. Hi, I just tried a couple ways on trying to “speak” to my “Guardian Angel” but I got no signs whatsoever, altho I am indeed a pessimist I don’t know whether it’s just my personality etc. I asked for a sign, it’s name, if it’s a man or female. But I’ve gotten nothing. My life has been pretty crappy and probably influencing my thought, but I don’t know if I truly believe it’s there. I just want to know now if this theory is true or not, I guess I am impatient and have to wait. Or maybe it’s truly not there. What could, or even should I do? I have to admit that I was more on the side of believing in the devil and wanting to be the incarnation of the devil… Please don’t judge me for wishing such things, I am a person who believes in what they see not what they hear.

    • If you can listen to my suggestion please do it… take the Holy Bible and read Psalms 51, Psalms 91, Psalms 23 3 times each and do this exercise, you will get your sign..Angels are neither male or female they dont have sex and they are true. They are with you since the time of your birth till your death. You have to just believe them and acknowledge they are there..do it positively…Tell your angels that” I’m having a tough time, forget my weaknesses and please help me”…you will get results. PLease let me know… This may sound a lot to do…but the whole thing will not take more than 10 minutes. Cant you spend just 10 minutes which could make your life better?

      • Beloved joseasanoj,I followed your suggestion,so today I did as you said,I lit the candle,I sat down with my legs straight,I took a deep breath 5 times,I closed my eyes,then after that I heard a small 1 knock on the wall,then I heard a small melody in my right ear,the melody was not loud,but when I listened to it carefully I heard it well,as my eyes were closed,I looked up on the roof,I started to feel a cold wind,I felt like someone is has put his hand on me,that wind started to move the whole body,from head to legs,I started to feel confident to talk about what’s bothering me,I told the angel that I don’t like to live the way that I live,I started to cry,I felt my body became lighter,relaxed and confident,I said thank you to the angel and God,when I finished,I stood up,as I move to the turn the candle off,the candle fell and switched itself off immediately,I don’t want to fool myself,can you explain what causes those things and I. Didn’t get the name even though I asked,so did I had a successful connection?

          • Yes I feel peaceful,today I invoked archangel micheal,in the morning at 6 am,so I was lying in bed at that and I felt sleepy,so I took my phone so that I can set an alarm,so I called archangel micheal,then after that,I was sleeping,in my dream,I visited a city that I used to stay at before I moved,so there was a guy that I owe 16 dollars there,so there’s a soccer ground and a tent near the ground where there’s a church,I slept there,so now I wanted to go back to where I’m staying,I met my father,he gave me money to go back,as I was closing the tent,that came and demanded his money,so I ran and I flew,he chased me,as I kept flying,I saw a small water with a black snake,the snake wanted to bite,but I looked up,I saw a big silver steel jesus cross,I looked at it,that cross defeated the snake immediately and it didn’t bite me,can you tell me what happened here?

            • You are been faced by some problems and evil may be trying to harm you but Jesus wants to assure you that his cross will protect you from ever harm and the Angels are with you.

              • Its been a long time now since I last prayed,anyway when I asked my angel,her name,in my mind there’s a name that popped up when I asked my angel,the name is “mary”,but sometimes I keep asking myself if its true,so how must I ask the confirmation from the angel to prove that her name is indeed “mary”?

                • You ask for a sign in your way like if it’s Mary when I open the Holy Bible now let me see the first word there ad Mary. Something like that in your own way. But hope you are at peace now.

                  • I feel hopeless,I feel as if my angel doesn’t want to help me,yesterday I invoked archangel gabriel,I asked him to help me choose the right career beween informaation technology or be an action movie star,I felt his energy,so I dreamed as if my city was under attack,and I was helping people,it was I was in a movie,I had 3 requests,do you think he has or he’ll answer my requests?

    • I started reading a book about angels which I bought 2 yrs ago but never read it. Whatever crosses your path in life has a purpose which you can’t reason with sometimes until the blinds of ignorance is opened. I just woke up with a dream I don’t remember the dream but a name is left behind; Lucy. Can it be the name of my angel?? Am not sure but I will wait for confirmation. It says that when you ask for anything to the angels in the end do say ‘ in love n light, love n light, love n light’ and ask from your heart. Being optimistic goes out the window when you r in a real need of help. When you have no where to turn but to yourself n the creator of life.

  23. I want to but I’m scared somethino bad or scary will happen. Sometimes I feel like something is watching me, and I think it’s my angel but I feel scared. What should I do? I really would like to talk to my angels.

    • Hi. My names brittany I’m in the same boat as you and I would like to know thanks 🙂 if you could email it will be great because my blackberry is hard to find the replys 🙂 thanks

  24. My angel is named Rachel, and I talked with her for a few minutes. She said her friend likes me, but it is forbidden to love people who are alive.

    • Heres a tip for you people, speaking from experience, I have and was born with lets say higher perception of things, meaning I can read peoples thoughts feeling and emotions I know when things happen, even the partners including ex wife, I already new we were not going to satay married for long, and the girl im with now, truly is my soul you people call it soul mate, not sure I beleive in that but it took us 37 years to find each other, anyway as far as seeing beleiving in angels I guess thats great for people who are suffering are down in this life, also people who are going through bad luck, or say no luck, puts you and your mind in a sticky situation you become desperate vulnerable. this is what causes people to run to a new church see a doctor or believe that an angel is going to rescue you. I am here to tell you something first of all if you trully believe that you have bad luck it will follow you if you think your only capable of living a regular type life thats all you will ever achieve, us humans were built with the same power of the God witch created us, very few people know this and believe me they are the ones that control and run everything in our lives, make us believe that we have nothing, and if someone talks about it were labeled insane meanwhile the us military and other governments use people with telechenetic power for there own benefit, but they tell us no supernatural power, but thats B/S were all born with it, when someone believes that they have angels or can see an angel be well aware that you have just opened the door to that world and unless you are a marter or a saint it is extremely rare that you can contact an angel these are usually dark forces posing as good guys, just like people who die and there family sit there thinking that there around not the case, I do however believe that we all have something watching us guiding us but that is connected to your soul. asfar as me and my friend if I were to tell you that she can see colour has a pure energy witch causes her hands to feel hot to the touch can heal you with that touch and also heal any disease that you have internal or even scars on your skin, aswell as a connection that freaks people out we know what were thinking feeling moods without having to use our cell phones, only one of our good freinds knows about this, but not everything, that last person we spoke to who’s father was dying of cancer, he was healed by her in 24hrs, his daughter was so shaken up by what we told her, had happened she stopped speaking to us, people dont understand and cant comprehend, because of the brainwashing and meds and food that are pumped into our bodies to make us weak stop this power and turn us into sheep in a cage, this is the truth, and for anyone who thinks this is bullshit, try this, stop watching tv for a month drink water thats not filtered take iodine find a best friend husband or wife and try this for a month, try to connect with them by just pure concentration thoughts, you will see something happen.

  25. Hey so i tried this, and that very same night i had a dream. I saw a shadow which I’ll guessing was my g.a. I was also hearing voices, but i couldn’t understand what was being said, because the voice seemed distant. Any ideas on what to do?

  26. I’ve always been fascinated with Angels and I was reading about how to talk to the and how to summon them or stuff along the lines of that and I read the line “Angel of mine, I need your help.” Instantly I felt like vomiting and i got a really bad migraine I couldn’t focus. It was overwhelming and dreadful my ears started ringing and i almost started crying out of pain would that be anything you know of? I think it was overwhelming fear even though I had nothing to fear. Could you possibly enlighten me about this?

    • Kaitlyn, do one thing next time just pray to God for 2 minutes and then do this exercise. May be all thse unpleasant feeling might be because of your anxiety or fear… Just be cool and do this exercise. Also before doing that tell your angles that give only pleasant feelings and not unpleasant ones… It will be fine…. Be in touch. Email me at jose.a.sanoj@gmail.com… Ask if you need any help anytime…I’ll be there as a good friend.

  27. Yesterday my friend looked at me for a second with a different look.a look so strong that I got scared , closed my eyes and started to shake. A strong feeling got through my body. She said she saw my guardian angel behind me like some bright light. I was so scared I could barely go to sleep. When I went to sleep I dreamed of colors.just pink, violet ish colours… she told me that’s the way angels show themselves in our dreams. I wanted to meet my angel so I did this minute talk with it. I just felt strong feeling going underneath my skin, especially on my neck. I can’t even describe it whether is it hot or cold or what. I know that that’s my angel 🙂 thank you.

  28. Immediately after reading it I did the exercise and felt really cold chills going up my legs and to my knees and then the name that immediately pop in my mind was Tyler. ….so I played around with names like Alex. ,,but Tyler was the name stuck on my mind..,,I still have those chills on my legs

  29. hi one of my friends just told me that when she was young she saw heaven and played with some of the kids there and there was one that stood out. she said that he is always near her and she can see and talk to him. he would always talk and play with her but then one day he just disappeared and she never saw him again until recently. she told me that she missed him so much but when he came back he seemed not to like me. she said he will stare at me when i am talking to her and if she mentions my name his eyes will go dark. he was her best friend and she thinks maybe because we are good friends, he is jealous of me. i need your help on what i should do. she thinks he is her guardian angle but why would he not like me and what does it all mean? please help.

    • Jealousy is a negative quality and Angels will not have it, i mean good Angels. Either your friend is not saying the truth and wants to find an excuse to part with you or the Angel that your friend is talking about is not an Angel; its something else. Or it could be just an illusion of hers.

  30. hi, last night, my pastor preached about identifying your angel. he gave us some signs to look for. and they quiet match yours. all you wrote, he said same. after church, i was walking home that night. and i was playing tye tribbett’s song (stayed on you) only to find 40ghs on the ground. i just went back to the church and sowed half the amount to the church. i left a bit later and as i got to the main street, i smelt a sweet fragrance. nothing i have ever smelt before seeing that i am a perfume-freak. …hey thanks for the clarification. feels great to have an angel beside me. i call him “Gilly” i am a monday born and archangel Gabriel is my angel. cant wait to see him

  31. I recently like a few days ago made first contact with my guardian angel. I was told from another angel that he likes me. He was an angel in black with the wings to match as well. I just took your steps and he made it clear to me that he is real and is always around to protect me. I would often get chills and never knew why but now I know exactly why.

  32. I been really ill for few days, really weak! I managed to get to tesco across the road to get meds and soup etc. I struggled to even pick up a can of soup!! I took my meds etc and slept a bit on off. Then I woke up and felt so lonely as I don’t wNt any one seeing me like this so no one to look after me and not been able to work. I still felt so ill wondering will I ever get better!
    I was wAs watching real housewives of Melbourne and one of the characters is physic and always talked about angel. So I google and came across this amazing page. I read the instructions vaguely and calling out just a few worked if any. But as I read the nets on this page I got scared. I am easily scared as I get some spirit that come to me now and again at night and my mum told me not to be scared as it is my dad or my brothers. So I just brace myself and then when it’s gone I quickly turn the light on.
    So I got scared reading that you can invite fake angels into your life!! Jeez it terrified me so I turned the light on and pottering around the kitchen tidying up. Then I realized well where did I get this energy from. I went from so frail and weak to mooching around tidying up. And washing up !!
    If can’t be the meds and soup cos I was still feeling so weak just before I read this!!
    Do you think my angel has come to me. I get so scared of the spiritual world so I rather not ask my angle to come to me in case I was tricked by a fake.
    Do you think when I was reading the instruction out loud that I accidently called upon my angle and he or she made me feel 80 percent better. I mean I was very weak and ill! Sorry for such a long question but this is all new to me and it frightens me. I always got scared of horror films, I can’t even watch some cartoon as even they scare me lol

    • Davina it’s very easy to identify your real angels. When they are around you get only good or positive things. They make you stronger by praying to God. They give you courage and positive guidance in life. The other ones make you weak…
      Keep writing . You can also email me Jose.a.sanoj@gmail.com
      And I hope and pray that become 100% well soon. Take care

      • Aww thank you, you sound such a caring and lovely person. But I am too scare to try and if I did get fake angels, how do I get rid of them?
        I’m sure I must be able to connect with my angels if Im already able to experience the spirit of my loved ones that passed away (each one of them returned in the form of a butterfly soon after, I even managed to take a picture 🙂
        Any how every time I close my eyes and ask for my angels, I get scared of what I might see or experience. Ever since I was little I have been scared of ghosts. And I feel the fake will know this and trick me before I get the real ones. But I shall keep trying and be more brave each time I try. Thank you so much x

          • Hi
            My family are from Hong Kong and it’s a very large family! Always someone passing away but thankfully not for a few years now. Death and losing ppl is something that terrifies me. When we were children, we grew up in a haunted house, later on my parents called in specialist and everything seemed fine after that. So I guess that is where it all stems from. Couple of years ago I had spirit come to me in the house I shared with my ex! It was frightening! The tv turning itself ON! Intercom rings but no one there on the screen! Water turning off etc. the bedroom was the only cold room so I guess something happened there. We found out it was an children’s hospital and another time hospital for ppl with tb. So I guess I am sensitive. It is such a shame cos I really would love to meet my angel. I am a really good person and so grateful for everything I have and I am upset that I may never meet him or her due to my phobia of the spiritual world x

            • Hey Davina will you listen to me? I promise if you listen to me you can be in company of your angels and all this phobia will get erased in one go from your life.
              Do you have a Bible? If yes good and if no just go to Google and find these chapters of Bible. Just read Psalms 51, Psalms 91, Psalms 23 three times and Psalms 121 three times. Then close your eyes and say Oh my God please help me I need your help. And then say My guardian Angels please help me I welcome you.
              Davina it will not take more than 5 minutes and by spending this 5 minutes on this you are not going to lose anything. But I promise you will be happy and a very happy miracle will happen in your life. Only don’t think what could be the miracle or wish something before or after doing this.
              Davina please for the sake of my word do it. And update me okay?
              Take care you are a very nice person. Take care

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