A Senior Citizen’s Email to God and God’s Reply to Him


Dear God,

How are you? Hope you are doing well. I’m not doing so well here. As you are aware my wife passed away last year and since then i feel so lonely. My daughter and son whom i loved so much doesn’t care to even give me a call. I’m 62 now and when i look back, i realize that you never answered my most important prayers. I’m so angry with you. Let me know if you have something to say. If you wish to be silent as you have ever been then never again expect me to talk to you either. You sit in heaven above and do whatever you do and whatever you wish. I’m not sure if I’ve the right email id of yours with me. Anyway I’m sending it to god@heavenabove.com

With Love (I’m not sure)

Jonas Esoj

Unexpectedly Jonas received a reply the next day.

My Dear Son,

How can i be fine when you are sad and lonely there? Jonas let’s come straight to the point now because i like that way.

Jonas, look at your life for the last 62 years. How many times you have complained to me that you feel lonely? So is this loneliness only because your wife is not with you right now? You have felt it many times because you never tried to realize your real life purpose and went after so many things which didn’t do any real good for you. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have done those things and no need to regret for that too because you did exactly what you wanted to do at that point of time. That way it’s all fine. But while doing those, you should have taken small steps contributing minimal time in your life doing something for your soul too right? Those small steps would have helped you to reap huge benefits by now. Okay, forget the past. You still have time, think about it.

No about your son and daughter. It’s true that you loved them a lot. But didn’t you know that your children learn from home more than anywhere else. When your parents were old, how many time you’ve called them up or visited them. When they were bedridden, didn’t you even forsake them? So your children thought and learnt that this is the right way to deal with parents when they are old. How do they know that their father was wrong. Most of the time children feel that their parents are right and they look upon to you for important lessons in life. The worst is yet to come right? Before that go and speak to them and say sorry to them for showing them the bad example. You complain that your children never called you. But how many times have you called them? What stopped you from doing that? Didn’t you have a phone at home? So it was your ego that you are the father and so they are ones who need to call. Dear son, when it comes to love, there’s no place for ego or any other conditions. Love has to flow freely and without any conditions. When you give more love, it opens up the door for you to receive more of it not only from your children but from others too.

Now about your prayers. I’ve attached a copy of all your prayers and the ones that were answered. You could see that you had presented 259200 prayers to me and I’ve answered 77760. Out of that 630 were the most important for you. Now instead of thinking about the unanswered prayers why don’t you think about those answered prayers which were really important in your life. You say many prayers which i haven’t answered were most important for you but i knew it was not important because answering those will not help you. See so, when your son or daughter was a child and they went near a lighted candle to touch it thinking that it’s something good or interesting unknowing that it could burn their finger, did you just sit and watch and allow that to happen or you prevented it from happening? Would you every give them a snake to eat when you knew that what they wanted was chocolates? So if you know so much to take care of your children, how can you expect me to fool around with you kid? I know what is best for you.

Now about me sitting in Heaven. Isn’t it something you guys have created to avoid me? Son, i don’t sit in Heaven above, i reside inside you. My Heaven is there within you. You don’t have to struggle so much to get in touch with and wait for answers. Just look into yourself and start speaking to me. Whenever i tried to say something, you never listened and now you are blaming me? Why should i take all these shit man? Jonas I’ve give you lot of messages everyday. The only thing you need to do is instead of looking up at the sky , look deep within yourself and you will get all the answers.

Hope my reply helped. Just do as i said and don’t send me emails. I rarely check.

Yours ever loving,


Peace and love,




13 responses to “A Senior Citizen’s Email to God and God’s Reply to Him

  1. God I am a christian. I heard that some christians are not going to Heaven. Am I one of them? If so, how can I prevent it? Please help me.

    Sincerely, Trudy Pleasant Jones

  2. I love you, God and Jesus. You came to me when I was lost. For the first time, I felt your presence. I am trying to describe what I felt at that moment, but it is difficult to put the feelings into words. It was just that, your presence. From that moment forward, I felt honored and yet, safe. I want to thank you from my heart.
    Gwendolyn Mae Hickman

  3. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and following me a faithsighanddiy. I enjoyed this post. I believe God answers all prayers in His own way and not just the ever popular explanation: yes, no, and maybe. God is always faithful. God bless and I hope you have a good day.

  4. Thanks for popping over to m blog to follow. This is a great topic. Many times a person neglects to seek for answers within. It is when we lose sight that God is within that we feel forlorn and neglected by God. It s a matter of perspective. Sharing with others helps inner perspective and restores faith.
    You’ve done a good deed for your readers today. Blessings~

  5. This post is fascinating, and says much about your connection with God. I agree completely with your point that we must live that life and love that we would like to receive. I’m not so sure about God being quite so — petulant, I guess, but if God made us in God’s image, that would certainly explain our own petulance. And I was excited to see you say that you understand God is inside us — we would both be burned as heretics by Christians in the early years of organized religion — Gnostics, you know. I hope you don’t object to me saying what I think, and I hope you do the same on my blog. Very interesting post. I knew I would enjoy reading your posts. 😎

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